June 30, 2003

Microsoft Sucks!!! UNIX Rulz!!!!

Today in class. Well it hasn't actually started yet but seems interesting. I've been up since 4pm yesterday so I'm a little tired. I've been trying to get a buzz out of caffiene and sugar and I'm not for sure if it's working. I do apologize that I haven't written in so long. I did how ever manage to update my website today. At geocities.com/jtmax24.

I am awfully sleepy but hopefull I will be able to stay up enough to pay attention in class. One thing for sure at least it's not Microsoft damn I fell asleep in those classes like every other day. Oh I guess I forgot to mention I'm taking a UNIX class. it's so neat. learning about another OS, at least I think it's neat; even though I am weird. It sort have reminds me of JavaScript (yes I know JAVA orginally came from C and that came from UNIX so don't email me saying 'I'm an idiot') Well, I gotta be going. I'll try and write more often but no guarantee since I don't really write much in diaries, blogs, journals, or whatevers. I suppose I'm a Message Board and Chat person mainly.

Well, See Ya