September 17, 2015

Dayz 4 and 5 - The Empire Q

Sleepy right now but I'll do yesterday and t I day positives now.

* played and sang with my nephew
# installed Vine again
- reorganized the DVD bin at Walmart
* Ate at Wataburger
☆ Harvested Memes
& Painted Buckets

September 15, 2015

Day Three: Nice Wind.

1. Spent the day reading
2. T-Mobile was pretty much working through out the day.
3. Uninstalled Angry Birds from my phone. Yes, that is a very good thing.

September 14, 2015

Day Two: Positive Things

1. I have an awesome nephew
2. I took care of my traffic ticket
3. Dad and me are heading out for supper.

September 13, 2015

Positive Times Three for 21 days

I'm trying something new going to try and list Three positive things about me for 21 days. I  decided to use this blog, because I don't want to use Facebook or Twitter for this. Plus, not to many people read my blog. Anyways, three positive things today before I go to sleep is.

1. I have two wonderful dogs TJ and Princess Peach.
2. I am working on lowering my blood sugar levels
3. I fixed my phone charger port.

Okay it's done see you tomorrow.