November 19, 2002

Babysitting and Harry Potter 2

Wow. This has been some weekend. I took on way to much. I decided to watch the neighbors kids Saturday, so she could go to work. Woah! I forgot she had three kids all under the age of five. And two of them had a cold, so naturally I caught it too. I spent the next two days trying to get over it. I did manage Monday to see Harry Potter and the Chamber or Secrets though. Great Movie. Really worth to go see it. I did already read the book, so basically I just wanted to see the special effects.

To the advice for parents, if you kids are easily scared this is not the movie for them. There are several scenes that might be to intense for them. One scene in particular where Harry follows a strange voice. And there's is written on the wall in blood "Beware the Chamber of Secrets is now open" and then there is a cat (Ms. Finch) hanging above a pool of water. (They actually say the cat is just paralyzed with fear, but it doesn't look to good.) Another scene is where Harry is fights a huge snake.

Basically it was a fun weekend, but I'm still recovering from last Saturday's cold. So I'll write more later ok.

November 15, 2002

Long Internet Night equals Low-Esteem

Well, its 1am in the morning and I just been on the internet for about three hours. Many people wonder what I do online. How can you stand to get online every night and do the same thing over and over? And the truth is I don't just do the same thing over and over. There are millions of sites that are just waiting to be explored.

Like for tonight I suppose for the first hour, I basically checked email, answered message boards, and chatted in chat room. For the last two hours though I actually did some good and looked up some book on raising my self-esteem and confident levels. This might come as a shocker, but I really do have a low-confident level. And many people might say well, at least you know it and you can now do something about it. But I've had low self-esteem about myself since I was in grade school and it didn't help that everyone teased me. And it was really stupid too. All they called me was ugly, or dog (how original huh?) But you say it enough times and it gets to you. So I would call myself a loner back in those days. I now don't see myself as ugly, although I do think my neck is to fat; which is why I never wear turtlenecks. So I finally decided to do something about it and read up on self-confidence maybe improve some on my self-image.

When I first discovered the internet about 10 years ago. I knew one thing; I wanted to make believe I was someone else, someone that had more confidence than me. I was constantly doodling a cartoon duck with shades back then which I nicknamed Max (just because I though it was a cool name). I wanted my character to be like that really cool, weird, out-of-control, the way I wasn't in real life. Well, I sort have knew the nickname Max would have been taken so I instantly made him a Captain. And that is how my character CaptMax was created. He is the confidence online that I now want in real life. He can do anything and say anything he wants. He doesn't give a crap what anyone says, and rarely gets upset. He is passionate what he believes in, and will stand up for what he believes is right.

Over the years, he has grown a lot. And he discovered he loves to not only chat with people online, but be entertaining too. I used to keep logs of all his adventures, but a couple of years ago I lost a bunch of them due to a crash. The earlier stuff was hilarious. He's been married twice, divorced once, killed many a times, had a few funerals, a wedding ceremony, performed a wedding ceremony for someone else (hey, I was a captain I hear they can do that), been black, lesbian, gay, Jewish, god (but the #bible channel kicked him out), he's been a three year old child (and I still have that log), he's been female (that would be Xamatra), he's been a cyber-slut (and that one really freaked me out), and William Shatner. (Not all at the same time thank goodness.)

He's had a lot of fun, and will keep having fun. I made a website for him and me. I decided a long time ago. That I do not want to put a picture of myself on the site. For one I want people to use their imagination of what I look like. And it makes going to chat rooms more fun. Now I do have pictures of my pets JT and Max; and those can be found at I have many interests and tried to show that in my site.

My site is a collection of pages I have actually had in many locations; but I had so many servers holding each and every subject that I couldn't keep up. My current site is on Geocities (because it's free). Coming up with a name for my page was pretty hard. Considering the page wasn't just one subject but a collection of subjects. It had a little bit of everything. My "This Page Sucks" Page, "This Page Rulz" site, My "Omega-Alpha Guild from Diablo 1 and 2", My Star Trek pages (which always changes), a Whose Line is it Anyway? page (which I just created), and a small section of nothing but tribbles (which always got a laugh). So I decided to call my site "Everything and some tribbles" I originally had "Everything and a tribble" for a few days, but quickly realized was too much like the title of Ray Romano's book "Everything and a kite," so I quickly changed it. Hell, I can pretty much to anything, since it's only had like 600 visitors. Here check it out yourself it's at go on take a look.

Well, it's late, I'm off to bed.

CaptMax signing out.

November 08, 2002

First Entry

Hi this is my first time at blogging, but I am CaptMax. I've been online for about ten years now, and am always find new stuff. Although with over 60 trillion webpages your bound to run into something new. You can take a look at my page to find out my interest and stuff. I think that I wanted a log, because my internet life is very humorous, because on here I can be anyone or anything, sort have like an actor's life. You can say I'm an internet actor. But the one thing I know I love doing I love entertaining people. I don't like people sad or depressed, so about 98 percent of the time I'm going to try and make you happy, because in turn that will make me happy. Now every once in awhile if you make me mad; which that is very hard to do by-the-way. I will voice out, and I can go on ranting and raving, because frankly I feel I'm right in times like that.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy my first edition to my blog.

CaptMax signing off.