July 29, 2009

great tip about hotmail. I actually have two hotmail emails though... plus countless other email accts.
just had lobster pizza at red lobster... first time I ate lobster. I figure if I was going to eat lobster might as well be on pizza.

July 28, 2009

holy crap! a 1TB laptop HD. now I can d/l that latest movie... Idk which 1 just the latest 1. http://ping.fm/3Tioe

July 27, 2009

just got through talking for 3hrs, I'm tired now I'll twitter more tomorrow.

July 25, 2009

wow, I wonder how many kids became a StarTrek fan because of ReadingRainbow? Butterfly in the sky till Live long and Prosper.

July 22, 2009

Wow, wafflepwn is either crazy or a genius either way I don't think I wanna meet his brother stephen. http://ping.fm/26apc

July 20, 2009

Visited Carlsbad Caverns. http://ping.fm/W4weN Why is everyone down on the G1 Camera?

July 17, 2009

Watching Spongebob and Following @mysquarepants

July 15, 2009

Hey anyone else sick of seeing this "Ted Teresa" software on the G1 Market? Everyone that tried it says it sucks.

Sick of Ted Teresa

Ok, Idk about the rest of you that have the G1, but I'm sick of seeing "Ted Teresa" software on the Android Market. The site http://ping.fm/PCZF7 doesn't even have anything to do with any of the software there. I tried to report it to the Android Market, but it doesn't seem to work.

July 14, 2009

This is why you shouldn't walk/drive while texting... stupid people sueing for their own stupidity http://ping.fm/ZWRO8

July 13, 2009

Hamster Escape! http://ping.fm/NFu3h
Can't sleep. Nervous that the booger man will come and get me. Yes, the BOOGER man he big slimey and come out of my nose. Eeeeew!

July 12, 2009

hey whose still using Facebook? hmmm, should I check my Facebook?

July 11, 2009

wow, someone wants me to says something about men, but I think I'm going to let her say that...
men-apause men-stration men-tal.... notice how everything bad starts with men. . .

July 10, 2009

just trying out SkyMap for the G1... awesome Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto are out tonight.
okay okay they talked me into it. I'll go to sleep now then play thesims3 all day tomorrow... >:)

July 08, 2009

Just wondering how I can show off my evil sim... hmmm...

July 07, 2009

Was it like this with Elvis Presley? Now that MJ has died will everyone see him in their toast?
Is it in bad taste to have a Michael Jackson Memorial in thesims3? Or is it worse that people are paying $300 to go see MJ Memorial?

July 05, 2009

Followers???? you mean the numbers are suppose to go up not down???
Followers???? you mean their

Followers or Friends?

wow, should I really worry that I only have around 50 followers both on Twitter and Myspace? heck I don't evenpay attention to my Facebook so anyone there is sort of is probably wondering if I really exist. I don't usually write big looong blogs, and I don't twitter everyday. Of course, I would love people to visit my site, but I'm not obsessed like most people, besides I really need to update it, so if you don't see it today or this month I'm really happy. I actually do try and respond to all my messages if you messages me, but if it looks like spam you're on your own. I'm not obsessed with having to hundred of thousand friends or followers, if you want to follow me great, I will more likely follow you back if it doesn't look like spam or if all you do if you are a follower. hey, like most people I want to know about you as you know about me. yeah I'm following people that would probably not follow me; but hey wouldn't you follow people like @thebradsherwood or @kevinrose. Anyways, my thumbs are getting cramped so I'll leave it there. So if you wanna be my friend or follower that'll be really kewl.
are you obsessed like this guy? http://ping.fm/cmqJc

July 04, 2009

wow beautiful waterfall at Sitting Bull Falls, to bad had to walk two miles to get there
wow beautiful waterfall at Sitting Bull Falls, to bad had to walk two miles to get there
ah more sand + more sand = mountain
ah more sand + more sand = mountain
oooo... pretty waterfall at Sitting Bull Falls... to bad had to walk 2 miles to see it.
Ouch! I would hate to fall or climb on those.
Ouch! I would hate to fall or climb on those.
Run Roadrunner Run! I thought I saw that Coyate!
Run Roadrunner Run! I thought I saw that Coyate!
pretty bird at the living desert zoo
pretty bird at the living desert zoo
Wow, a dead bee in a cactus flower, but still looks good.
Wow, a dead bee in a cactus flower, but still looks good.
well happy 4th everyone.... I hope everyone had a safe and happy day.

July 02, 2009

hey bored.... what should I do with my thesims3

July 01, 2009

I haven't really done any survival scenerios in TS3, I thinking with the traits it could be really fun. Should I seek help?
one of my favorite things to do with TS2 is the survival scene. where I make 8 random adults, fence them in a lot and see which one survives