July 30, 2010

Watching WLiiA, curious I wonder if @waynebrady is still ticklish?

July 23, 2010

Win 7 Sux! Turns out none of the schedule stuff it was suppose to do it never did. No wonder my computer was running slow.
TIP: If you notice your computer getting slower. Run your defrag software analyze your HD. If it's more than 10% there's your problem.

July 20, 2010

Sorry for not regularly tweeting. Farmville abducted me and forced me to plant over 650 lime trees.
ReTweet this, if you ever set any of your sims on fire and forgot to add a shower/pool so the can extinguish themselves.

July 16, 2010

A semi-healthy meal at McDonalds. McChicken w/o mayo, Apple Dippers w/o Caramel, Side Salad, and water.

July 10, 2010

At a The Price Is Right Audition.... Wish me luck.

July 07, 2010

The Last Airbender Review

Wow, um... that really is not a good movie. It was like M.Night Shyamalan watched all first season and tried to incorporate everything but didn't know how to do it. He stated in an interview about The Last Airbender that writing the script is a lonely process locked in a room alone. (IMO, he probably should have asked for help.) None of the scenes flowed to one another. The kids did their best, but they tried to act like adults instead of kids. The effects were good, but then again it didn't match the scenes. Shyamalan's attempt at humor was little success and many of the characters just seemed out of sorts. Like Zuko's Uncle Iroh seemed stiff, humorless, and to uptight; when the animated version is relaxed and humored. The only character that seemed to be correct in any sort of way and we only see about 10 seconds of her is Azula (Zuko's sister). I don't know if Shyamalan will make the other two movies at this point, but if the other two movies are like the first I don't think I want to see them. Maybe he should get his daughter to write the script for the next movie; at this point she couldn't do any worse than him.

July 04, 2010

Pretty much sums up every The Last Airbender reviews. Wow, I never knew the execs for the animated series were psychic. http://tinyurl.com/38jvjmm

July 03, 2010

If you don't understand the plot. you shouldn't make the movie.

in a recent nickelodeon special for The Last Airbender M.Night Shyamalan said that he didn't understand how firebenders could pull fire out from no where and the others (water, air, earth) had to have some sort of element to bend. Wow, that seems like a pretty major reason on why not to make this movie. The firebender have a source in which they drawn their fire from. It's called 'The Sun' in several episodes it even states The Sun is there main source of power. This is why a firebender is weaker at night. Some firebenders are better connected to their own chi and are stronger with it. Just like Waterbenders can pull water straight from the air as seen in 'The Puppetmaster.' He also said he changed a hand full of names to the Asian pronounciation to 'because he's Asian' like the pronounciation of the main character to Aung instead of Aang. Which doesn't bother me so much but seems rather odd he would use that as an excuse. He also took out several scenes with the Kyoshi Warriors, which I can understand as long as he remember Suki, is a love interest to one of the major characters. From what I can gather from watching the Theatre Clips, is that he didn't know how to separate the movie from the animated series. Sad, I would have love to see a good movie instead of just a regurgitation of the same series just with real people.
After reading reviews for The Last Airbender, my predictions were probably right. M.Night Sucks! When does the movie come out on cable?