October 26, 2005

Violence in Video Games

I just got through watching G4's special on "Violence in Video Games" which does make you think. Yes there is a lot of violence in video game, but it does not require the government to take action. Everyone is upset that kids play violent video games and they look to the easiest solution and blame someone else, in this case the Video Game Industry. When the real blame should be on the parents. The Industry does not control the parents' kids, they do not let the parents' kids into the gaming store and they do not hand the money to the cashier. It's parents that are buying these games. It's parents that are not reading the ratings for these games. It's parents that have money for a $50+ game.

The games have the rating written on the box. All you have to do is read it. Violence in video games have been around since the 1980s. There is a new set of parents parents that know about video games and the ESRB. A set of parents that know that there is violent video games, and they still buy them for their kids, and blame it on the industry.

Kids are kids, some are more violent than others. If a kid is taught correctly they know the difference between right and wrong. If a kid if displined correctly they are happier. If a kid if not displined they are out-of-control. One great example of this is on the show "SuperNanny" where the british nanny comes in evaluates the family and helps the parents displine their kids. In one such episode this little girl was so violent, she literally bit and scratched Jo Frost, proving that the parents really lost control of their kid and that it had no freaking thing to do with violence in video games. Another example is my friends kids. She has three kids 3, 6, and 8, she is so distraught because she says her kids are out-of-control and have no displine. But these kids do not play video games, they don't even own a video game console. Are they out-of-control because of violence in video games? Could it be that the parents don't know how to displine?

Blaming someone else is always easier, than looking towards the real problem. Violence is never the answer, and video games are not like life. But people that blame the Video Game Industry are idiots. If you don't like video games don't buy them. If you have kids and a video game console, educate yourself and your kids correctly. If your just a total moron leave now, but I don't want to talk to you.

Here is my solution: If your a parent and you have a kid that plays violent video games and is inturn violent, stand-up, walk to a mirror, and look into it. Because you are the problem, not the Video Game Industry.