August 21, 2003

To eat or not to eat that is the Real Question. . .

Hey there,

I know it's been awhile but I've been visting friends in New Mexico. Well, while visiting in Albereque we ate at possibly the worst restarant. The food was dry like it was sitting out all day, the service was practically non-exstient, the toy prize that came in the kids meal was awful, and to top it off it the food was way to expensive.

Let me start from the beginning or at least about an hour before we went to the resturant from hell. I was in the back, we were all trying to decide where to go. I'm not that picky so me and the husband decided to let the wife decide.

MISTAKE #1: Never let the wife decide all she will say anything is fine or will just piss off the rest of the car.
MISTAKE #2: If your a husband never make your own decision about the resturant, this will lead to headaches.
MISTAKE #3: If you have kids and you argue in front of them they will make the arguement worse.

Anyways about an hour of driving we finally found a burger joint. The wife refused to eat and McDonalds and the husband refused to ask for direction. (I'm stuck in the middle cause I'm the guest because I don't want to get into the middle of it). We order, and I order a burger no pickles, LARGE fries, and medium Dr Pepper. the wife order burger NO onions or lettece, fries, and large Dr Pepper, husband orders burger, fries, and large Dr Pepper, and the wife order a kids meal for her little one year old. All total it was $20. It takes 15 minutes for them to make the order (the resturant was far from full). When we got the order it was all screwed up. The large fries are about the size of McDonalds small size fries. The burgers were nothing like we ordered. The toy broke into 15,000,000 million pieces (Great toy for a one year old). The kids meal constited of a stale rubberlike hot dog and fries, which is impossible for a one year old to eat, not even if the pieces are cut up into small bite size.

I get pissed off cause this is not the way to run a resturant. So I ask the lady that took our order if they had some comment/suggestion cards so at least I could list everything that was wrong with the resturant. They didn't so I lay into them. slammed the broke toy onto the counter; told the lady "if I wanted crappy food and service like this I would have gone to McDonalds" hell, at least it would have been cheaper.

So if you work at this resturant and are reading this "GO TO HELL!" cause I will never eat there again and I will tell everyone the same.

August 05, 2003

What the Heck is a CD modem? ? ?

Oh my goodness!!! Holy Crap! I'm not a tech support person but a lot of my friends look to me to solve all their computer problems. I get this one call from a friend, she says she can't get her computer to reconize the modem. She lives over 600 miles away so it's not like I'm going to walk over to her house to see what the hell she is doing. Anyways, I try and walk her through installing the drivers so she can connect to her online buddies. (Aw man! that's another story for another time.) I ask her did your modem some with a CD or floppy. She said "Yeah it came with a CD" I tell her to put the CD in her CD drive of her computer. She tells me my computer doesn't have a CD drive, but my modem does. I'm like WHAT??? no way a modem does not have a CD drive. I tell her that's not your modem that's your computer. And she's agruing that's it's her modem. So I ask her, what kind of computer is it. she tell me a Compaq, I tell her again. Compaq never made a computer with a modem CD drive. (no did any other manfacturer) Anyways the conversation goes on like this for about three hours. I finally tell her, that where ever she bought the computer from take it back and tell THEM to install the modem for her.

I have a great laugh about it today. but holy crap during those three hours I was a pain trying to explain how to install her modem.

Next Week I'm making her a website. Wish me luck.