July 14, 2004

Working Sucks

Why must we work? To earn money so we can spend it. I have found me a job. I say it's a job because I'm not enjoying it, and I don't plan to make it my lifetime career. But it seems like the more I earn the more I am broke. So why must we work. Can't I be a lazy asshole, that wants to sit on their butt all day and watch TV (Although there is rarely anything good on air any more, I still wouldn't mind watching all day.)

It seems like to me that working is a scam by our government just so they can say look we have the hardest working people here, and we don't have to pay them crap (Now that I said that they will probably come looking for me and this will be my last blog).

If you do I seach on google there's over 6,000 sites that agree that "Working Sucks". But I suppose as long as we're in the system we are stuck working for a big boss man that thinks they can get away with pay us crap, so they can remain rich.

So I'll just be going along now. I'll try and write more off.

Damn I'm out of ink. :(