November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving 2004

Well, Thanksgiving for me is sort have slow this year. I had to work that day so I missed out on going to see all my aunts, uncles, and cousins. I also missed out at getting photos this year. I'm known as the "Family Photographer" because I snap so many. Lately I've been creating them in slideshows and then showing all of them at Christmas time. I might do something different this year.

Anyways, like I said I missed out on family this Thanksgiving, and to top it off I been sick this entire day. My boss wouldn't let me come home early even though I felt like sh*t. I hope I feel better tomorrow.

I thought I would go ahead and make another Top Ten List.
Top Ten Reasons I'm thankful for 2004:

  1. I have been relatively healthy thoughout the year (today just sucked)
  2. My family and friends are still with me
  3. My pets JT and Max are still here
  4. Found a job this year (Okay, it doesn't pay the best but it still counts)
  5. Only two months away from 2005
  6. My car is still going and going like the Enegizer Bunny
  7. Got a new laptop and camera
  8. Did not buy Doom 3 (I feel sorry for you if you spent $50 for it)
  9. Published to my web-blog more.
  10. Looking into going to another line of work in January

Well, I just took some Nyquil so I'm going to bed. Hopefully I will write more later.