August 05, 2003

What the Heck is a CD modem? ? ?

Oh my goodness!!! Holy Crap! I'm not a tech support person but a lot of my friends look to me to solve all their computer problems. I get this one call from a friend, she says she can't get her computer to reconize the modem. She lives over 600 miles away so it's not like I'm going to walk over to her house to see what the hell she is doing. Anyways, I try and walk her through installing the drivers so she can connect to her online buddies. (Aw man! that's another story for another time.) I ask her did your modem some with a CD or floppy. She said "Yeah it came with a CD" I tell her to put the CD in her CD drive of her computer. She tells me my computer doesn't have a CD drive, but my modem does. I'm like WHAT??? no way a modem does not have a CD drive. I tell her that's not your modem that's your computer. And she's agruing that's it's her modem. So I ask her, what kind of computer is it. she tell me a Compaq, I tell her again. Compaq never made a computer with a modem CD drive. (no did any other manfacturer) Anyways the conversation goes on like this for about three hours. I finally tell her, that where ever she bought the computer from take it back and tell THEM to install the modem for her.

I have a great laugh about it today. but holy crap during those three hours I was a pain trying to explain how to install her modem.

Next Week I'm making her a website. Wish me luck.

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