August 21, 2005

Art is screwy to the screwed

Okay I said I would tell you the story. And what kind of Jesus related art I have.

back in December 2004, we had a huge fire on our street. It sort have scared us, because a neighbor's child came screaming claiming it was my brother's house. I took off running to his house in nothing but my bare feet and PJs. (Hey, you would do the same). As I was running down to his house which is only 100 ft from my parents' house. I saw the flames, they were huge, but luckily they were not coming from his house. The house next door which was about 30 - 40 ft away from his house was in flames. The house is still own by my father, and was renting it to a family. I quickly ran down to the house to see if they were okay, and made sure they were all okay, The mother was worried about two of their dogs which might have still been in the house, which I didn't really worry, (PETA can kiss my ass). When they told me everyone was okay I saw the flames were rising quickly so I went back to my brother's house and grabbed a garden hose a proceeded to wet his yard because it has been a dry fall and my brother had not raked his yard YET. I was freezing, but I pretty much kept spraying the yard for the next 20 minutes. I don't know if it helped but it kept my mind busy. The fire lasted about 2 to 2 1/2 hours, and according to one fireman the house was savagable, but my father was not going to try, since during the 20 years of renting out the house he failed to make a profit from it.

The day after the fire I took my camera down and proceeded to take pictures of the damage. (I'm weird like that.) I didn't actually go inside the house. Basically I zoomed in for a bunch of the scenes. I also created a little montage of the pictures, to an old George Straight song. Someday I'll publish it to my website. :)

A few days later, my father decided he was going to tear down the house. Since it has abestes(sp?) shingles, he did some research on how to dispose of them safely, (so you enviroment freaks can kiss my ass too). When the shingles were being taken down from the front of the house we noticed an image that was burned into the wood, on this huge piece of wood was the face of Jesus. It was staring straight at you. It has Jesus wearing the thorn crown and blood dripping down. Also right beside it is a cross. This piece of wood is about 4ft by 5ft huge. So it wasn't this tiny image. I would estimate, that the face of Jesus on this wood is about 4ft high. Really creepy huh? Anyways the board stayed on the house for about a week. And everyone in the neighbor saw it, and even several church members came by to take a look.

We decided to take it down; one because we did not want anyone to go into the house. And two we did feel like that the piece of wood needed to be saved. We saved this wood, because it's not everyday this happens. My father said he was going to sell it on eBay, but he never tried, plus I don't think we ever will. I don't know if it really is Jesus, but it's still a cool effect that the wood would burn an image like that. Maybe that is the reason so many people loved the house. I don't know. But the house is no longer standing there. All that is left is the foundation and the shop behind it. I thought I would tell you and let you make up your mind.

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