September 01, 2005

Another day another way to waste gas

How's someone suppose to get a job? Gas? Bills? Cars? Even daydreaming? And now this business with Hurricane Katrina, I heard on the news that everyone there is coming to Texas to get a job and start over. So much for getting a job. Maybe I should move to another state. And now my dad's complaining about gas and how the usa doesn't have a back.up plan, and that we all will be looting in the streets when we run out. But luckily my pessimistic side takes over and says "that since I'm weaker than most I'll probably will be the first to die". But who really knows, we'll probably get blown up by aliens by than. Well, I'll try and write another blog entry before that happens. Til then, see you.


Anonymous said...

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Max said...

Dude you are totally wack. Stop your advertising on blogs that don't give a crap.