July 05, 2009

Followers or Friends?

wow, should I really worry that I only have around 50 followers both on Twitter and Myspace? heck I don't evenpay attention to my Facebook so anyone there is sort of is probably wondering if I really exist. I don't usually write big looong blogs, and I don't twitter everyday. Of course, I would love people to visit my site, but I'm not obsessed like most people, besides I really need to update it, so if you don't see it today or this month I'm really happy. I actually do try and respond to all my messages if you messages me, but if it looks like spam you're on your own. I'm not obsessed with having to hundred of thousand friends or followers, if you want to follow me great, I will more likely follow you back if it doesn't look like spam or if all you do if you are a follower. hey, like most people I want to know about you as you know about me. yeah I'm following people that would probably not follow me; but hey wouldn't you follow people like @thebradsherwood or @kevinrose. Anyways, my thumbs are getting cramped so I'll leave it there. So if you wanna be my friend or follower that'll be really kewl.

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