January 30, 2010

jtmax24's pick for Top Douchbags

10. John Edwards - sorry he will always be a douche 9. Congress - thanx for fucking the country. 8. Kayne West - dude you were screwed yourself big time. 7. Jon Gosselin - I almost felt sorry for you back in 2008, then 2009 you became a douche. 6. NBC - wow, the only show you had was Conan that I liked. man, I'm just going to watch Adult Swim now. 5. Media Frenzy on Television - if it wasn't for the internet i'd be freaking depressed. 4. Doomsday fantics - hey, I'm tired about how you think the world is going to end. stop it! it just making you look like idiots. 3. Pat Robertson - He's always doing something douchelike. 2. Facebook - wow, you may have the most people using you but your still douchebags. And the number ONE douchbag. George W. Bush - thanx for doing nothing when congress was fucking us over.

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