July 03, 2010

If you don't understand the plot. you shouldn't make the movie.

in a recent nickelodeon special for The Last Airbender M.Night Shyamalan said that he didn't understand how firebenders could pull fire out from no where and the others (water, air, earth) had to have some sort of element to bend. Wow, that seems like a pretty major reason on why not to make this movie. The firebender have a source in which they drawn their fire from. It's called 'The Sun' in several episodes it even states The Sun is there main source of power. This is why a firebender is weaker at night. Some firebenders are better connected to their own chi and are stronger with it. Just like Waterbenders can pull water straight from the air as seen in 'The Puppetmaster.' He also said he changed a hand full of names to the Asian pronounciation to 'because he's Asian' like the pronounciation of the main character to Aung instead of Aang. Which doesn't bother me so much but seems rather odd he would use that as an excuse. He also took out several scenes with the Kyoshi Warriors, which I can understand as long as he remember Suki, is a love interest to one of the major characters. From what I can gather from watching the Theatre Clips, is that he didn't know how to separate the movie from the animated series. Sad, I would have love to see a good movie instead of just a regurgitation of the same series just with real people.

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