November 19, 2002

Babysitting and Harry Potter 2

Wow. This has been some weekend. I took on way to much. I decided to watch the neighbors kids Saturday, so she could go to work. Woah! I forgot she had three kids all under the age of five. And two of them had a cold, so naturally I caught it too. I spent the next two days trying to get over it. I did manage Monday to see Harry Potter and the Chamber or Secrets though. Great Movie. Really worth to go see it. I did already read the book, so basically I just wanted to see the special effects.

To the advice for parents, if you kids are easily scared this is not the movie for them. There are several scenes that might be to intense for them. One scene in particular where Harry follows a strange voice. And there's is written on the wall in blood "Beware the Chamber of Secrets is now open" and then there is a cat (Ms. Finch) hanging above a pool of water. (They actually say the cat is just paralyzed with fear, but it doesn't look to good.) Another scene is where Harry is fights a huge snake.

Basically it was a fun weekend, but I'm still recovering from last Saturday's cold. So I'll write more later ok.