November 08, 2002

First Entry

Hi this is my first time at blogging, but I am CaptMax. I've been online for about ten years now, and am always find new stuff. Although with over 60 trillion webpages your bound to run into something new. You can take a look at my page to find out my interest and stuff. I think that I wanted a log, because my internet life is very humorous, because on here I can be anyone or anything, sort have like an actor's life. You can say I'm an internet actor. But the one thing I know I love doing I love entertaining people. I don't like people sad or depressed, so about 98 percent of the time I'm going to try and make you happy, because in turn that will make me happy. Now every once in awhile if you make me mad; which that is very hard to do by-the-way. I will voice out, and I can go on ranting and raving, because frankly I feel I'm right in times like that.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy my first edition to my blog.

CaptMax signing off.