July 06, 2003

To Show or Not to Show. . .

Hey, it's Sunday and my page is still okay. Just proves that small pages don't matter. I heard about the big Hack-a-thon that was suppose to happen. Yeah, my page probably is easy to break into; but who would want to. It'll be like stealing $100 from Bill Gates is anyone going to really care? And is anyone really going to miss it. I know my site isn't that much, but I do like showing it off for friends. I'm weird that way.

I have decided to put my picture on my site, but I'm letting everyone figure out which one is me. I chose six pictures two obvious fake one that couldn't possibly be me, three pictures are of people that am related too, three pictures of people with glasses, three boys and three girls. I tried to mix them up so no one would see any pattern. Basically if you read my pages you would probably be able to figure it out. But many people know me from chat and I have to say. Those people are mostly wrong. but it's fun just to see how many people guess wrong. Plus I added a poll where they have to think of a few words about each person. I'm still confused by a few of the comments their, but it's fun still.