July 08, 2003

To Hack or Not to Hack? ? ?

I'm sure everyone that is interested in computers likes to know something about them; they want to know something more about them then the average newbie. Or if you have a complete fear of computers to 'not even put their credit card' on the Internet (Ryan Stiles -- in TechTV interview) all you care is that they work and that's it. I am not a technophobe, I love computers I love them because they make my life easier. Althrough I don't know how my life could be any simplier than it is right now. Heheh. :)

I'm wouldn't say I'm the best hacker, but I do like to see how something works. Looking at source codes for html and javascript seeing how everything is put to together. I even dabble in some PC hardware mods, not that I'm any good at it, but I can put a PC together from scratch and that's more than most can do. :)

I suppose I could hack into a website if I wanted to; but I really don't want to. I much rather study how pages are created the different types of JavaScript. Maybe I'll get into Flash, who knows.

Uh oh I'm being hacked...
*computer freezes*
*fantically pushes reset button*
*waits for boot up*
hurry up
*runs Norton Anti-Virus*
"What!?!?! Expiration Virus pay $29.95!!!"
*watches virus format harddrive*
*reformats harddrive*
*reinstalls Win98*
*dials ISP and updated Internet Explorer again*
*finds IP address of the one that hacked me*
*runs IP through database*
*finds hacker address*
*gets in car with baseball bat*
*goes beats the living crap out of 10 year old kid who hacked me*
See ya in 10 to 15 .... :)

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