October 07, 2003

Isn't it funny

Isn't it funny how people think of each other. I've been online for over 12 years now and the most common question still when I go into chat rooms or message boards is that age old acronym 'asl' (age/sex/location). I keep telling everyone what the hell does it matter. I'm never going to meet them. It doesn't matter if I'm a boy or girl; if I'm from Arkansas or Australia. It doesn't matter if I'm black, white, yellow, or a green little alien. It's the internet; it doesn't matter what I look like as long as I have ideas and have fun.

I sometimes go into Yahoo! Games playing Yahoo! Towers (it's a multiplayer tetris-like game), I am totally into it. I love playing in partners because it means I'm not the only one that sucks. Sometimes I'll find a high ranking player so maybe I can win, but it's not always the case especially if their score is like 5000 and mine's still at 1000. So mostly I'll just partner with some average player and it's great, if I'm totally into the game I don't care that I suck because I'm having fun which it great with me; and in between rounds I'll can have quick conversations till the next round. Most in between conversations is like:
"Hey, u come here often?"
"yeah i luv dis game."
"Oh, next game starting"
Some people will come in and ask for photos. Where I live or some crap like that. I tell them view my profile everything that I want you to know about me is there. Hey, you can view my profile, too. Yeah, I know it's a picture of my dog, but he's so pretty I love showing him off.

Anyways, while playing Yahoo Towers, I partnered up with someone with an average score, and we were getting are ass kicked. But hey I was enjoying the time playing. (Hey, even if I get my ass kicked in a game, if I'm having fun it doesn't matter). In one of the rounds we were chatting with my partner, telling them I sucked and everything; when this rude person comes in starts calling my partner names and basically saying a bunch of racist things about the person I was partnered with. This pisses me off and about . . . well everyone in the room. We all decided if this person is going to play we'll just force him to lose every round, and it was working. Well, until my partner had to leave for work. We of course kept slamming the person that first made the remarks. (Hey, we were venting our anger in a non-violent way.) After my partner left, they messaged me and thanked me for sticking up for them; which I thought was a little weird. But I just thought the dude was a jerk for making some accusations that he had no right to make. And it made me realize more it doesn't matter what you look like on the internet; Because you can be a 13 year old Korean girl and still kick the butt of a 52 year old white boy in chess. You can also have the best idea come from someone you would normally hate if you met them. So it doesn't matter what we look like. It doesn't matter if our ideas are dumb sounding out loud, because they might be genius online. Just as long as you have fun, you will probably learn a little more about yourself if you stop asking who everyone else is, and just voice your ideas on message boards, chat rooms, and websites.

Well, that's my opinion anyways; so criticize me if you must; but it won't really change how I feel. :)

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