October 13, 2003

Living in a RIGHT world

If you couldn’t figure out by the title I am left-handed. I feel I live in a right-handed world. I cannot stand the fact that when most inventions come out they are automatically made for the right-hander. It like that everywhere, and no one seems to care.

My grandmother was originally born a left-hander, but her teachers forced her to use her right hand. I can remember on several occasions when I was just learning
to write, my teacher was right-handed, that she often had trouble showing me how to write correctly; I don’t really remember her forcing me to use my right hand
but I do remember I never had the best penmanship because it felt like she just didn’t know how to teach lefties how to write. For the longest time I think my
parents were confused, because I can remember them getting me a lot of scissors for right-handers. I admit it; I’m left-handed. When I first got my first computer with a mouse. The programming was automatically set-up for the mouse to be used with the right hand. I did move the mouse to the left side of my computer and try to use the mouse with my left hand, but my desktop setting of
my computer and with nearly all programs did not have an option for left-handers to switch the buttons I often found it to challenging to fight the system. So I decided to use the mouse with my right hand. When Microsoft finally came out with the option of switching the buttons for lefties and I got a bigger desk; I found that relearning to use the mouse with my mouse quite a challenge, so I
just stick with keep on using the mouse with my right hand.

Usually when I’m surfing the Internet I’ll use both my mouse and a combination of keyboard shortcuts. It makes me appear faster than I really am. In fact
that’s the biggest complaint if I’m showing someone a site; they always tell me to slow down. I can type with just my left hand and use the mouse with my right
at the same time. In fact that’s how I answer email and write onto several of the message-boards I go to.

I have found a website that actually list bunch of celebrities and historical figures that are and were left-handed. Some great lefties are Drew Carey and Jim Carrey, Colin Mochrie and Leo Laporte The list is long, and it is nice to know there are people just like me who live in a right-handed world. The Official Left Hander Site for more information about lefties.

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