October 21, 2003

What the hell is the matter

I'm pissed off, frankly at my parents. I've work a while, mainly because I have been thinking about new positions I would rather be in, other than computers. I love technology, I love the internet, I just don't know if I really want to work at builting it or creating software. Although I do rather enjoy working on my web site Everything and some tribbles, and have created some interesting other websites like Reynolds Rap and Martin Sargent is a God (I don't really think he's a god, it's something I thought would be neat to make); but that's all I like about it. I don't want to create software to make it easier; my theory is that there is software already out there all I have to do is find it. I don't want to built computer chips or computers for other people; that's why we have Intel and Dell people. I admit it I'm not an Intel or Dell person; is that so wrong. I wouldn't my selling it; in fact you can never have to many ways to make personal computers available to the public.

Anyways before I lost track of my subject I'll tell you why I'm pissed off. I woke up this morning about 9:30a (Yeah, I know it was late but that's another story), I planned to actually go apply for some positions for selling electronics and a position for selling toys at 'Toys'R'Us' It's has electronics. Anyways I was all set to go when my mother tells me about a doctor's appointment. Me being a nice child (I refer to myself as a child only because she gave birth to me), decided it would be wise to take her instead of her actually driving herself (her eye-sight is really bad and she refuses to wear her glasses). So I would prospone my actual job applying until after her appointment.
Around 1pm, we head on out and about half way there she announces it is an appointment for a pychologist that my father made for me. I'm liked shocked, I almost turned the car around right there. But I went ahead and humored my parents. The whole hours we spent trying to figure out why I was there. I kept saying stupid things like well maybe I'm depressed Well, you know what I'm NOT DEPRESSED!!! I'M JUST PISSED OFF NOW!!!! What else would you be if your parents made a surprise appointment for you and not telling until the last minute? I told the doctor, my father thinks I'm depressed because he is always depressed. Also I kept repeating the phase 'I don't know' I know it is annoying; but my mind went blank. Told the doctor about my website and my blog; so if he reads this I might have another visit. (Ha Ha) I told him it was a collection of all my other pages and some other weird stuff. The one advice I did get from him which I'll most likely do Wednesday, because I'm meeting with several interviewees, is voluteer at a local care shelter which that would at least get me away from my parents and out of the house and let me focus on something other than them nagging and bitching all the time. "Get a job here! Get a job there!" AAAAAAHHH!! If you want to email me fine. I'm at jtmax28(at)hotmail.com. I've got to get off, but I felt I had to vent. And you know what I feel better now.

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