October 13, 2004

A Disloyal Friend????

Well, I'm still working, which I think is good; but my friend is upset with me. She thinks I'm being disloyal to her because I'm working and she is not. I have known her for five years. We met at another job, and have become really close. (And considering I'm shy that's amazing). We have had the same jobs for the last five years, until up until six months ago. We both applied for the same position, the only difference is that they hired me and not her. Which she was upset, but she continued looking for another job. About three months went by and the store was doing some more hiring. I gave her a glowing recommendation, and my boss was going to hire her, but on the day of her orientation she got upset because "Orientation Person" asked everyone if they could work any hour, if they couldn't leave right then. (Now this is not a 24 hour job. I have never had to stay 2am in the morning; nor do I know anyone that is currently working there that had to either). She left and was totally pissed off because she says they wouldn't hire her.

Anyways, today she tells me that I've been disloyal because I have kept the job that I have told her exactly how to get. I don't think I have tried to support her into getting another job, even it is not with the same company. I just don't know what to do. I hate to lose a friend, because I have so few. But I don't want to quit my job. And I don't think I should or be made to feel bad because I have a job.

I just don't know what to do, because I usually tell her my problems and now I can't. What do you think? Should I quit my job? Am I being disloyal? Should I tell my friend she should look harder? Should I apologize because I have a job? Or should I give up and try and make another friend?

It really is true. Only your friends and family can cut your feeling into shreds and make you feel like shit when you are just trying your best.

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