October 26, 2004

Why should you update your site?

Well, for one thing if you don't you probably won't get any new visitors. I am really bad about not updating my site and/or blogs. I have great intentions about updating but I always manage to forget or procrastinate or something more important comes up. I have done a major update to my store at cafepress.com/jtmax24, so hopefully someone might but something. And I did buy a few things to I could advertise, I just hope it works. I think the main thing is that if I start earning money with my site I will have to delete several key sections of my site like the Star Trek, and Whose Line is it Anyway, .... Oh and I can't forget about Diablo 2. It sort have sucks but my Whose Line pages have been getting some hits and I hate to delete them. I'm hoping to at least keep some of the comments and I will only have to get rid of the pictures I got from other sites. I'm still not quite for sure how that copyrighted stuff works, so if I get a letter I'm sure they'll tell me. :(

Anyways, it's been about two weeks and my friend is still not talking to me. I guess I lost a friend. Damn, and I was planning a surprise party for her too. I guess I better get my money back for the stuff.

I'll try and update more often but no guarantees. Oh take notice I am changing the title of my sites. JT and Max are my pets and they are so wacky they need their own site so I'm making mine theirs.

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