August 08, 2005

What a weekend.....

Aug 8th 2005 -- Heard Nothing

What a day. I woke up late. Then I reliazed that I didn't have any clean shirts so I had to go to the laundry mat for that. When I got back, is was already noon. So I called about the job that I am hoping to get. haven't heard anything from him. So now I'm at the library trying to learn more about my phone. And is sort of sucks, because I cannot send email through it. To I heard nothing from that. So I'm going to heard nothing toward Starbucks and maybe hang out. See you more later.

Entry for August 07, 2005 -- A new beginning, Another weblog
A new day and new oppertunities. I feel refreshed after quitting my J-O-B, from that stupid S-O-B. What a jerk, he treats all his best employees like crap, and the worst employees like royality. How else would you explain it.
Like for example. This one employee (let's call her "M"), M is a hardworker, but she's slow and often cannot do other things that the other employees do. She goes tells the head-person, that she's going to call the head office and make a former complaint. Well, the head-person for that shift starts making out the paper work for her to do so. The manager gets word of this and tells her not to do that, but instead the manager starts kissing up to M, claiming she's the best worker when he knows she's not. He continues to do this, by making M employee of the month (which the store never did before), giving her special assignments, and even offering her a promotion which she cannot do.
In the mean time, he treats everyone else like crap. Example; (Let's call this person "R"), R was up for a promotion from the former manager, he desearved it to, he was always on time, organized, and cleaned. But this manager turned a blind eye toward him and treated him like crap, never promoted him, and gave him more assignments.
What the hell is wrong with this jerk. I couldn't take the mistreatment he was giving everyone and I just walked out. That was yesterday, so not I'm unemployed. . . again. But I feel good, that I got out of a crap job like that.

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